Auditions 2018

Interested in Arts & Activism?

SEPTEMBER 13th & 16th, 2018

What is Girl Be Heard?

We are a feminist theater organization that provides free year-long girl empowerment workshops meeting weekly on Sunday afternoons in Manhattan and the Bronx. Graduates become eligible for paid performance opportunities, shows and advocacy events.

We want you!

Young women, girls, and trans/gender nonconforming youth (ages 12 to 21). Interested in social justice issues, performance, writing, and self-expression. (No prior experience needed!)

How do I audition?

Bring one original piece — memorized (preferably, but not required) and written by you. It should be in your own voice and about a social justice issue important to you. To secure your slot, email or call us at 718-222-4475.

Share your story:

Women’s Rights
LGBTQ Issues
Gun Violence
Black Lives Matter