Exhibition poster

In 2016, while conducting research for our main stage show Blurred Lines, the company members at Girl Be Heard learned that 1 in 5 female undergraduates experience some form of sexual assault. It was also the year a woman wrote a letter to her attacker, “Stanford Swimmer” Brock Turner, after he was given a mere six-month sentence for raping her while she was unconscious behind a dumpster, and that Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to a candidate who bragged that he liked to “grab women by the pussies.”

Blurred Lines is our response to the forces that promote silence and blur the lines of consent. This revolutionary new show about the normalization of rape culture in contemporary society is a call to action.

Throughout this process, Girl Be Heard also partnered with PROOF: Media for Social Justice and acclaimed photographer Janette Beckman to photograph the cast of Blurred Lines. In conjunction with the renowned artist and designer Cey Adams, whose work was recently acquired by the Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Culture, we held a workshop with the cast at Cey’s studio. Cey guided them in the process of creating “mashups” (artwork using photography, paint, and collage) using Beckman’s photographs.

Join us for a one-weekend-only gallery reception and exhibition at Creative Chaos, where Girl Be Heard will perform and display the amazing theatrical and artistic work of our young activists!

We hope that this exhibit, as well as the continued performance of Blurred Lines, will encourage dialogue around ways to combat the escalation, acceptance, and normalization of rape culture and sexual violence. We hope to see you at next week’s event—and don’t forget to find out more about bringing Blurred Lines to your school, university, or community.