I AM A GIRL Workshops

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Host an I AM A GIRL Workshop at Your School!

Girl Be Heard has partnered with Media Stockade and Director Rebecca Barry to be the official US education partner of I Am A Girl (, a documentary film that paints a realistic picture of what it means to be a girl in the twenty-first century. The film follows the stories of 6 girls, taking the audience through a pastiche of diverse cultures and societies around the globe, including Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Afghanistan, the USA, and Australia. We want to connect your students to these stories and the critical themes they reveal about issues affecting our girls, and our communities, today.

The “growing up” experiences of each of these girls and their current situations at ages 17+ are largely dependent on where they live and on their family and society’s expectations. However, whatever their life experiences, all of the girls in the film have dreams of rising above their circumstances. To accompany this documentary, Girl Be Heard has created a series of workshops and educational guides that align with common core standards for English Language Arts, History & Social Studies, or Health & Advisory to explore the core themes in the film. We apply our unique empowerment-focused experiential method to explore the film, creating an exceptional opportunity for critical and creative thinking around what it means to be a girl today.

This film brings an opportunity to engage young people in investigating patterns of inequality and stories of strength, hope, and courage. To bring I Am a Girl and the Girl Be Heard empowerment approach to your community, please complete the form below. Any questions can be directed to our Feminist-in-Residence Kate Tramell, at

For more information on I AM A GIRL and to watch the trailer, please visit here.