Abigail Ramsay

_94A1980Abigail Ramsay
Director of Global Partnerships

“My favorite way of connecting with new friends is listening to their stories.”

Where Abigail got her girl power: A New York City native, born in London to Jamaican parents, Abigail’s artistic perspective is as global as her background.

 Abigail received a BA in English Literature from Brown University and a three-year professional actor-training diploma from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She developed fundraising and marketing skills in innovative cultural organizations that span the classical to the avant-garde.

How Abigail has been staging the revolution: Abigail Ramsay is an actor, director, producer and thought-leader in the theatre community, who is committed to devising innovative, adventurous, and culturally relevant work. She first mixed her passion for global issues and human rights with theatre as resident director of a company, which produced projects commemorating the genocides in Rwanda, Darfur, and Bosnia and the Native American Removal Act.

When Abigail isn’t staging the revolution you can find her producing short films with friends, making homemade personal care products, or riding one of her three bikes.

Hear more from Abigail by emailing abigail@girlbeheard.