Ian Fields Stewart

Image11Ian Fields Stewart
Artistic Directing Fellow

“Girl Be Heard provides young girls and women with the three things that have allowed men in this society to reach their full potential for centuries: a platform on which they can be seen, an audience through whom they can be heard, and opportunities by which they can shape the world to their own design.”

Where Ian got their girl power: Ian’s career is dedicated to deconstructing mainstream media forms and rebuilding them to reflect and amplify the voices and experiences of marginalized people in our local and global communities. Coming from a family of monumental, strong, and unstoppable southern women, Ian has always understood that “girls run the world.” It is their intention to make sure that the way is clear for women to do that exact thing.

How Ian has been staging the revolution: With Girl Be Heard, Ian’s direction and choreography has been seen at various organizations in New York City as well as the United Nations and the Pitchwise Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Outside of GBH, they have done community-organizing work in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement. In the summer of 2013, they organized a non-binary fashion show for queer youth in their hometown of Birmingham, AL that celebrated the spectrum of gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation by allowing the participants to define on their own terms what made them beautiful. Onstage, Ian’s work has ranged from traditional theatrical forms to highly experimental, genderqueer, and multicultural works (which are undeniably their favorite).

When Ian isn’t staging the revolution they are sleeping, maintaining some semblance of a social life, devouring copious amounts of chocolate, reassuring their mother that they are eating healthy food, and binge watching YouTube and Netflix.

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