Lexy Nistico

Lexy-Website-2Lexy Nistico
Director of Education & Human Potential

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” —Audre Lorde

Where Lexy got her girl power: Lexy is a graduate of the CUNY MA in Applied Theatre program where she strengthened her skills in utilizing theatre to address social justice issues. Additionally, she was raised by three fierce women who taught her to see the beauty in the strength and potential of women, and carries that over in her feminist-based parenting of her own amazing warrior princess. Lexy is passionate about exploring systems of oppression and utilizing participant-centered work to identify strategies and solutions to all the ways in which oppression manifests itself in our society. She is deepening her work by not only working collaboratively with the Education Team at GBH to empower young women, but also by leading her own organization, Warrior Queen Initiative, which offers workshops on various women-based issues. Lexy is incredibly passionate about bringing communities of women together to uplift and empower each other and reflects this in every aspect of her work as much as possible.

How Lexy has been staging the revolution: Lexy is in the beginning stages of her own group called the Warrior Queen Initiative. WQI is a source of encouraging self-care for women as well offering resources, such as free professional development, articles, and networking to encourage women to empower themselves in the ways they see fit them best. Lexy hopes to continue building community through WQI and collectively sharing resources in order to support all women in reaching their full potential

When Lexy isn’t staging the revolution you can find her hosting and performing spoken word at monthly open mics at Think Coffee (more info on Instagram @openmicnyc), running long distances, practicing yoga and meditation, and raising her amazing warrior princess daughter, Delilah.

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