Suzanne Igarteburu

Suzanne-Website-2Suzanne Igarteburu
Development Associate

“I want to live in a world where girls know from day 1 that their space and voice are valid and theirs to own—no ifs, ands, or buts.”

Where Suzanne got her girl power: Suzanne has had the privilege of working alongside strong, intelligent, and beautiful women throughout her career in education and non-profits. Through their camaraderie and mentorship, she has been inspired to dream bigger, work smarter, and stay humble.

How Suzanne has been staging the revolution: Prior to joining the Girl Be Heard team, Suzanne spent years exploring the power of storytelling through her work at Raising A Reader MA. During this time, Suzanne built an arts integrated early literacy curriculum for immigrant parents of young children. Alongside participants (most often mothers), Suzanne practiced dialogic reading, an interactive form of storytelling that encourages families to celebrate their heritage language and engage their children in imaginative conversation.

When Suzanne isn’t staging the revolution she is (or is dreaming about) riding her bike and dancing to synthesizer heavy music with abandon.

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