Tiff Roma

Tiff-Website-2Tiff Roma
Associate Artistic Director

“Teamwork makes the dream work and passion is contagious, when one girl finds her creative voice she inspires others to do the same.”

Where Tiff got her girl power: Since joining Girl Be Heard in 2010 as a cast member in Trafficked, Tiff has expanded both her writing and leadership within the organization and is now full time staff member. Tiff is a New York actress, producer, storyteller, director, and choreographer, and holds a self-designed BA from the City University of New York in Theatrical Public Relations.

How Tiff has been staging the revolution: Tiff credits Girl Be Heard with the knowledge and confidence that has led her to successfully start and run her own performance collective, La Bella Roma. She firmly believes that it is our job as artists to be activists and advocates that can intelligently start the conversation and inspire action in thought provoking, emotionally charged and creative ways. This is the reason she decided to share her craft and become a Teaching Artist.

When Tiff isn’t staging the revolution she can be found learning to hang upside down on aerial silks, perfecting her hooping abilities, and playing with her fluff ball cat Ludo (latin for I play).

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