Our Program

Girl-Empowerment Program: Girl Be Heard (formerly Project Girl Performance Collective) is a nonprofit theater collective and educational program. Girl Be Heard uses theater to lead young girls to find their strength and realize their potential by helping them express their anger, fears, hopes, and dreams so that they can channel those emotions into maturity and empowerment.

Girl Be Heard theater is the reality, not the fiction, of girls.

Girl Be Heard provides a safe environment for girls to write and perform theater productions under the mentorship of renowned directors, playwrights, activists and intellectuals.
Topics we address include:

• Bullying
• Body Image
• Self-Esteem
• Identity (Race, Class, Sexual Orientation, and Ability)
• Civil and Human Rights
• Gun Violence
• Suicide
• Teen Pregnancy
• Substance Abuse
• Sexual Abuse (Incest, Date Rape)
• Violence Against Women and Girls
• Sex Trafficking

Global Program: Senior members of Girl Be Heard are invited to enroll in the global program and work with experts from the United Nations and partner organizations. The Global Program helps girls understand that the low status of women around the world is responsible for the violent and impoverished lives that so many girls and women lead. We want our girls to succeed because, ultimately, it will lead to better lives for girls everywhere. This program adds forced child marriage and rape as a weapon of war to the issues we address. This advanced program builds solidarity and unity by connecting the girls’ personal experiences to those that women face across the globe.

From actors to Actors: Girl Be Heard actors soon become activists for the causes they identify as most important. Every girl’s story inspires our staff and audiences to join the movement to raise the self-esteem and status of girls around the world.

Let a Girl Teach: Senior girls take on leadership roles within the group and mentor new girls. They also become trained as Teaching Artists to bring the Girl Be Heard curriculum into classrooms and empower others with their work. By employing these talented girls with meaningful, resume-building work, we provide further opportunities for girls to lift themselves out of poverty.