Girl Be Heard theatre is the reality, not the fiction, of girls. Courageous storytelling is how Girl Be Heard addresses gender-based inequity, violence and prejudice and inspires social change.

We teach girls to be brave and confident
Our society teaches girls that their value is in their looks and their sexuality but that they should be “good.” Our society demonstrates in many ways that girls are not equal to boys but they are taught that they shouldn’t complain. Girls are led to believe that to be aggressive and strong is not suitable. It is often expected that girls compete with each other, which keeps them from learning to collaborate, which would allow them to achieve more. We want girls to be their best selves and to feel good about that.

We teach girls to rise above circumstances and expectations
Poverty teaches girls that they should accept how things are and that dreaming or aiming for more is a waste of time. This is a disservice to girls and to society. When a girl has the encouragement and support to aim higher, not only can she succeed, she influences the girls around her as well as the boys, her family, and her community.

We teach girls to make the world better
Girls who are able to fight rather than accept the dangers in their own lives learn empathy for girls in similar or worse situations. The global education of Girl Be Heard helps girls understand the lower status of women around the world is responsible for the violent and impoverished lives of so many girls and women around the world. We want our girls to succeed because, ultimately, it will lead to better lives for girls everywhere.