Brittany Applewhite

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Brittany has always looked at life on the positive side. Her mantra: when life gives you lemons laugh at why life decided to give you lemons of all things. She is passionate and curious about the arts and what it means to create socially conscious media. With over five years of administrative experience, she has found her passion in theater administration and directing as the Artistic Administrative Assistant at GBH. Her life's mission: How to spark a chain reaction of change through the arts? She is always looking to collaborate with other creative individuals. When she isn't finding the brighter side of life or working in the office, you can find her eating a big bowl of fruity pebbles and philosophizing about life while watching The View in her Brooklyn apartment.

"P.A.C.E. Positive. Attitude. Changes. Everything." - Barbie

Pronouns: she, her, they

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