Christiana Kallon

Christiana Kadiatu (Ya Kaday) Kallon is 18 years old, and has been a member of Girl Be Heard since 2017.  The youngest of 5 children, Christiana immigrated to America from Sierra Leone at the age of 9. While attending a high school in East Harlem, and having learned the value of education from an early age, she is hard-working and passionate about gaining knowledge. Wanting to be challenged and brought out of her comfort zone, Christiana decided to audition for Girl Be Heard with the help of her pastor.

In addition to being an active performer for Girl Be Heard, Christiana also participates in various educational and enrichment activities which broaden her experiences. Whether it is pursuing a career in medicine to help people in developing countries and aiming to bring awareness to health disparities, or becoming an ambassador for the United Nations to diplomatically work with other people to solve global issues, Christiana is excited for what her future holds. She looks forward to learning, growing, and giving back to her community.