Jay Fleming

Born and raised in Monmouth County New Jersey, Jay Délise is a published poet who has received national recognition for her writing. As a Scholastic Art and Writing Awards National Gold Key recipient, Jay has performed at locations such as Pratt University, The United Nations, The Pulitzer Center, and Carnegie Hall. Her work has been highlighted in publications including Afropunk, Broadway World, and Huffington Post. She is a poet and a performer, but more importantly she is black and magic.

My goal and intention as an artist is to create work that gives language to the experiences of black, female, queer, and female adjacent humans. With my art I hope to sculpt worlds in which we are seen, heard, and lifted up. From a young age, I have always been inspired by how many people art can bring into a room, and how powerful poetry and storytelling can be as a vehicle in which we can experience infinite worlds to give space and validation to. I am an artist because I believe that when we create, we are ourselves in our purest form. I am grateful for this space that allows me to explore the depths of my artistry, and for a community of strong humans to share that with. And most importantly, I am here to create something that I, and so many other black girls, queer people, and female adjacent humans need to see represented in art, ourselves.