Kemara night

Kemara Gwendolyn “Ny” Night has a big name with a larger history. With a heavy focus in writing, she is an “Artist-in-All-Forms” acquiring many awards, publications, and great praise for her works. Her public appearances include being a guest on “Open with Rhina Valentin” and “The Rachael Ray Show” (among other TV shows), performances around both the Tri-State and out of state including at The Kennedy Center in DC and the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem to name a few, modeling campaigns with Callen-Lorde and Scholastic and much more! She has spit poems for government officials like Mayor De Blasio at The NYC Women’s March and sang alongside starlets such as Kristin Chenoweth in the Broadway Show “My Love Letter to Broadway”. From writing as a form of activism to her involvement in various art genres, Ms. Night uses her passions to foster a world establishing art as the basis for healing. Currently Kemara resides in The Bronx and has two books of poetry entitled “Mourning with Jubilee” and “The Troubled Contemplation” available on Amazon.