Occasionally declared as a “Linguist of Love,” Najah Imani Muhammad is a NY based theatre artist and educator, with disciplines in acting and directing. She also frequently hosts live events such as open mics, comedy shows, and cabarets. Regardless of the project, Najah’s goal is to use the arts as a communicative tool to bring people together, and start a conversation. Most recently, she has used this drive direct young people in theatrical productions, helping to foster an environment of leadership and growth, while finding cultural relevance in each performance to further strengthen the voices of tomorrow’s leaders. When not performing or directing, Najah can be found working as a Teaching Artist with organizations such as Disney Theatrical Group, The Leadership Program, Leaders By Choice, and Girl Be Heard, continuing to serve the most dynamic groups of children throughout New York State. She is also the Director of Education and Imagination of Kaiser’s Room, a theatre program which provides performing arts opportunities for individuals of all abilities. Outside of the theater, you may catch Najah talking to strangers on camera or offering her “two cents” through writing, with her advice brand, "Najahknows."