Ravi Parmar 

Chief Operating Officer, IHC Risk, Barclays
Ravi Damodar Parmar, a father of four beautiful young girls, is passionate about advancing the ability of every girl to be a leader and change agent. As a musician and artist himself, Girl Be Heard--with its renowned theatre education program--was the perfect vehicle through which he could help girls of all backgrounds achieve success.

Professionally, Ravi has over 18 years of experience in financial services, primarily investment banking.  More recently, he has forsaken relationship management to lead organizations in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer. As a volunteer, Ravi spends most weekends working with youth of Indian decent learn about their culture, music, art, dance and history. He has played critical roles in the organization and planning of nationwide youth events, lasting several days and hosting thousands of youth from across the globe.

Ravi holds degrees from Rutgers University – New Brunswick and the Wharton School – Philadelphia. He currently resides in Marlboro, NJ with his wife Rachana and daughters Reha, Reya, Rayna & Reshna.