Revolving Doors

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A Note from Revolving Doors Directors:

It began on a Sunday with the intent for youth to gather and cre- ate art. Then, it evolved into a movement larger than we were pre- pared for—young feminists began to transform the world through their personal narratives, activism and uninhibited voices.

As a collective, we shared many stories. Welcome to a tiny, subtle glimpse into the world of feminist church—each performance, a small prayer—tobring light to the womxn of the world.

Thank you, audience, for offering your love today. In the honor of improv, poetry, rap, spoken word, theater and movement—please smile, laugh, cry, heal, empower, and embrace your truth, just as we have this past year.

With Love & Justice,
Juliany Taveras & Renee Rises


Written & Performed by

Jayde  - Katja 

Sophia  - Arianna - Jamilah - China 

Haley - Izabella 

DirectORS/Teaching Artists


Kim Sykes - Renee Rises - Juliany Taveras


Girl Be Heard Education Team

Kate Byrne - Tiff Roma - Sandrine Dupiton


Revolving (A Collage) - by the Ensemble
The Doorway - by Haley
The Colors of My Dreams - by Jayde
Little GIrl - by China (ft. Jamilah)
Wallpaper - by Izabella
Disney Channel IRL - by the Ensemble
Gay Disney pt. I - by Arianna & Katja
Behind Closed Doors pt. I - by Bella & Haley
Cynthia & the White Girls pt. I - by China, Jamilah, & Katja
Ghost Kids pt. I - by Jayde & Sophia
Detention Karaoke - by the Ensemble
- by the Ensemble
Real to Me
- by Sophia
Sensitivity - by Arianna (ft. the Ensemble)
For Paris - by Katja
Be Who You Want to Be - by Jamilah
I AM - by the Ensemble