Shiva Moonsammy

Senior Market Manager & VP, Capital One
A Trinidadian-born American with a passion for community service, dancing, tattoos, and bad dad jokes, Shiva followed in the footsteps of his mother migrating to New York with ambitious plans, he landed his first gig as a bank teller where he developed a newfound passion for banking and financial technology. Shiva completed his bachelors in Computer Science and obtained some of the best mentors in the industry advancing to become the youngest branch manager at Washington Mutual Bank. Sensing an industry ripe for change, Shiva focused his attention on innovation and redefining the traditions of consumer banking which resulted in several awards for his leadership at WaMu, JP Morgan Chase and Capital One. Shiva graduated from highly acclaimed Executive Leadership programs and operates as the Vice President and Market Manager to Capital One’s digitally reimagined bank centers in Lower Manhattan. He defines his success through the success of those he serves, surrounding himself with creative thinkers who share his passion for experimentation and challenging the status quo.

While Shiva found his niche in financial management, what he finds most rewarding is advocating for positive change in his community. Shiva believes that improving humanity is not a part-time gig and to cultivate a sustainable difference we must be persistent in caring for each other. He envisions a future where women are treated equally on all levels of society and the voice of his daughters carry the same level of cognizance as that of his son’s. It is this passion for equality, dis-taste for gender-based violence and amplification of the voices of our young women, that compels his work at Girl Be Heard. When Shiva is not improving the future of banking or serving the community, he enjoys his time with his three kids, Nirvana a 10-year-old avid piano and strings musician, Evanescence his 9-year-old ballet dancer and Blake, a 6-year-old energetic son that enjoys gaming and modeling. Shiva also serves as the Culture Chair representative for Capital One Bank’s Asian Business Resource Group.