Our mission

Girl Be Heard develops, amplifies, and celebrates the voices of young women through socially conscious theatre-making.

*Gender Inclusion Policy

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“It’s turned my voice from a whisper to a roar”

-Halle GBH Artist/Activist


What We offer

By developing their talents on stage, young people grow into
artists, activists, and leaders in their communities.


GBH participants can become Active Performers and audition for paid opportunities to develop and perform original shows, including an annual MainStage Show, based on the social justice issues they care about.


GBH offers our Girl Power curriculum in after-school programs at Title 1 middle and high schools and two community-based weekend workshops located in Manhattan and the Bronx.


We perform devised curated shows for schools, government and non-governmental organizations, businesses and special events.


GBH brings our workshops and performances to the extended global community, in partnership with universities, community organizations, NGOs, public officials, and nonprofit groups.


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Our Programs and Workshops create a safe, supportive environment for youth to talk about issues they care about and learn how to work together as an ensemble. Our curriculum fosters healthy, confident, self-aware young people who are engaged in their schools and communities.



“We believe in the transformative power of theatre to engage audiences and inspire activism.”

- Girl Be Heard Values


Get Involved!

There is a lack of services providing girls and trans/gender non-conforming youth with the specific support they need to flourish creatively, socially, and professionally. Help us provide these services and join our community!

I want to invite you to join in the joy, learning, anger & recognition of listening to truth-telling as told by clear voices of GBH youth. They will inform, delight, alarm & help you reawaken that authentic voice that still lives within you.
— Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem with Company Member Isabella Olaguera

Gloria Steinem with Company Member Isabella Olaguera

Become an amplifier of our mission! We are looking for people who are passionate about GBH and want to volunteer their time and resources to support our mission!

Know someone who is interested in strengthening their skills as artist/activists through performance, writing, and self-expression? Find out more about how to audition for GBH!

Support Girl Be Heard by raising funds for our programs. Help us keep all of our free programs free!


“We encourage everyone to thrive, free their minds, and take risks.”

- Girl Be Heard Values


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