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Girl Be Heard was my first experience post-grad where I really got to explore important themes while generating my own work. It definitely lit a fire for me.
Maria Fernanda DiezCompany Member AlumMeet the Current Artistic Company Members

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GBH Artistic Company is a pre-professional performance residency for young women and gender-expansive artivists between the ages of 15 - 21 who are passionate about strengthening and solidifying their personal and collective leadership skills through spoken word and theater-making.

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    GBH Company Members get artistic and professional development, leadership training, paid public performance opportunities up to $1500, mentorship from well-established actors and singers, and much more. All backgrounds and experience levels are welcome! Join the audition waitlist:

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    Prepare a poem, song, monologue, or spoken word piece related to a social justice issue you are passionate about.

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  • Aastha Jain Alumni
  • Maria Fernanda Diez Alumni
  • Camryn Bruno Alumni
  • Jordan Sanchez Alumni

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