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Girls Outside 2024!

Explore the city and meet new friends in GBH’s Summer Experience. You’ll visit cultural arts institutions and sites of social justice in NYC to inspire your artivism and inspire social change.

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The 7 wonders of New York!  During Girls, Outside! 2024, participants will spend two weeks traveling to various parts of New York City and art making.  Over the course of week one, participants will go on a series of carefully curated field trips intended to deepen their understanding of the diverse BIPOC, cultural arts institutions and sites of social justice throughout the city. On week two,  participants will be immersed in theater/art making at ART NY to reflect on the experience of week one, and prepare a showcase to express and share their learnings on the final day of the Summer Experience. Join us July 15th- 26th!

I appreciate how someone was always available if we had a problem or question.
HaleyGirls Make Movies Participant