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Our Impact Report

Look back at our first ten years and see how far we have come! We started as a small organization with only $300 in the bank. Today, we're a global organization with a nearly $2 million budget! All thanks to you, our committed community! This report covers our history and accomplishments, from international tours to program expansion. We also spotlight the voices of our incredible company members, alums, and staff who have supported and ensured our growth over the years.

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Our Strategic Plan

Girl Be Heard creates safe spaces for girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth (ages 12-21) to mobilize, share their stories, and create cutting-edge, politically relevant theater about social justice issues affecting them and young people worldwide. Our unique listening model and ensemble-based programs provide an empowering community for this cohort to come together and develop as writers, performers, feminists, and activists. GBH performances also inspire audiences to take action and create a world where these young people are valued as leaders and change-makers.

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Public Disclosure

In the spirit of transparency, we make our audited financial statements and our 990s available to the public.