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The Girl Be Heard Team

Girl Be Heard Staff

Executive Team

  • Cynthia Renta Executive Director
  • Nella Mupier Headshot
    Nella Mupier Director of Programs


  • Mariann Allison
    Mariann Allison Operations Coordinator
  • Laia Comas Afterschool Partnerships Co-Program Manager
  • Jenifer Diaz Executive Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator
  • Laura Ennis
    Laura Ennis Artistic Program Manager
  • June Jimenez Institutional Giving Lead
  • Nell Johnson
    Nell Johnson Marketing and Program Engagement Manager
  • Charlyn Jordan
    Charlyn Jordon Operations Manager
  • Aliya Nelson
    Aliya Nelson Interim Artistic Director

Trinidad and Tobago Office

  • Akai Webster
    Akai Webster GBHTT Program Manager
  • Veronique Francois
    Veronique Francois Teaching Artist
  • Arielle John
    Arielle John Teaching Artist

Teaching Artists

  • Essence Brown
    Essence Brown Teaching Artist
  • Tamelan Chauvet Teaching Artist
  • Alison Cottingham Teaching Artist
  • Malaika Pedzayi Ferguson Teaching Artist
  • Marsha Gildin
    Marsha Gildin Teaching Artist
  • Zoey Gringlas Teaching Artist
  • Sarah-Michele Guei Teaching Artist
  • Ali Hardy Teaching Artist
  • Jessica Mount
    Jessica Mount Teaching Artist
  • Abigail Onwunali Teaching Artist
  • Amalia Oliva Rojas
    Amalia Oliva Rojas Teaching Artist
  • Amanda Santiago Teaching Artist
  • Bri Ng Schwartz Teaching Artist
  • Nunyala Sogbo Teaching Artist
  • Enih Agwe Teaching Artist

Board of Directors

Board Members are selected because of their deep commitment to our mission and social justice values, and because they exemplify these values in their professional and public lives. Members of the Board of Directors work in partnership with staff to expand Girl Be Heard’s reach, skills, perspectives, financial capability, and over-all resources, and maintain a Board that is diverse in age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and national origin. Learn more about each of our Board Members below.

  • Sarah Awan
    Sarah Awan
  • Jessica Pfeiffenberger Bohn
    Jessica Pfeiffenberger Bohn Chief of Staff to President & CEO, AllianceBernstein
  • Aruna Cadambi
    Aruna Cadambi Business Planning & Operations Lead, Social Impact, Meta
  • Karen Fairbanks
    Karen Fairbanks Founding partner of Marble Fairbanks Architects
  • Anna Figueroa
    Anna Figueroa Photo & Video Producer, M.M. LaFleur
  • Mimi Girma
    Mimi Girma
  • Ana Patel
    Ana Patel Senior Consultant, Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding
  • Jamilah Rosemond
    Jamilah Rosemond
  • Sharon Washington
    Sharon Washington Actress
  • Cindra Maharaj
  • Tamika Bradford
  • Elizabeth Masucci Actress, Producer, Writer
  • Ashley Itenberg

Active Performers

  • Ava Bales Active Performer
  • Anastasia Calixte Active Performer
  • Fiona Grand Active Performer
  • Kai Diata Giovanni Active Performer
  • Divinity Nix-Sow Active Performer
  • Felicity Munera Active Performer
  • Kristacia Scott Active Performer
  • Lia Filipov Active Performer
  • Makayla Cuce Active Performer
  • Alexie Safiya Ilaga Active Performer

Associate Board Members

The Associate Board amplifies Girl Be Heard’s message and mission. In addition to fundraising and profile-raising, the Associate Board works to build a community of supporters closer in age and outlook to our participants.

  • Shayla Burnham Private Equity Associate, Advent International
  • Becky Davino Rates Sales Analyst, Credit Suisse
  • Allie Maier Treasury Director, Investment Banking

Fairy Godmothers

Special Advisors



  • P.S. 79 Horan School
  • Humanities Preparatory Academy
  • Susan McKinney Middle School/High School
  • M.S. 88
  • Andries Hudde Junior High School
  • I.S. 381
  • Brooklyn Prep High School
  • Girls Prep

Community-Based Organizations

  • Phipps Neighborhood Sonia Sotomayor Cornerstone
  • NIA Community Services Network
  • P.S. 179 Beacon
  • Sixth Street Community Center
  • Wyckoff Community Center
  • El Puente
  • New Settlement Community Center
  • Cornerstone Woodside Houses
  • Children’s Arts and Science Workshops @ Dyckman Community Center


  • Consolidated Edison
  • Two Trees Management


  • 1834 Project
  • Annabelle Foundation
  • Anna Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
  • Axe-Houghton Foundation
  • Brooklyn Community Foundation
  • The Black Seed Fund
  • Chicago Community Foundation
  • Common Sense Fund
  • Emily and Joseph S Kornfeld Foundation
  • Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Find Your Light Foundation
  • Grantmakers for Girls of Color
  • Hyde & Watson Foundation
  • Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand
  • Keith Haring Foundation
  • New York Community Trust
  • Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation
  • Pinkerton Foundation
  • The Starry Night Fund
  • South Wind Foundation
  • Tides Foundation
  • Youth Inc


  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
  • New York State Council on the Arts
  • US Embassy to Trinidad and Tobago

District Council Members

  • Lincoln Restler - Council District 33
  • Erik Bottcher - Council District 3
  • Farah Louis - Council District 45
  • Alexa Aviles - Council District 38
  • Vanessa Gibson - Council District 16
  • Crystal Hudson - Council District 35
  • Kristin Richardson Jordan - Council District 75
  • Althea Stevens - Council District 13
  • Shahana Hanif - Council District 39


  • Brian Kavanagh - District 26

Resident Activists

  • Maddy Arnstein
  • Monique Coleman
  • Monroe Freeman
  • Katy de la Garza
  • Kambale Musavuli
  • Temmie Nora Thames
  • Gloria Steinem
  • Gina Reiss Wilchins

Resident Artists

  • Toni Blackman
  • Ileany Fields
  • Yana Landowne
  • Rachel Lerner-Ley
  • Yael Lubetzsky
  • Winter Miller
  • Mia Morgan
  • Gil Sperling

Job OpeningsJoin Our Team

We always seek co-stewards interested in applying the arts and activism to transform the lives of girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth.

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