Anna Figueroa 

Photo & Video Producer, M.M. LaFleur
Social responsibility and social impact are of great importance to Anna. After attending her first Girl Be Heard theater performance, she was compelled to be a part of the organization, and she's thrilled to have become a Board Member.

Anna has a wealth of experience leading digital content production and art direction for brands in the luxury space. Her career spans over 15 years with extensive experience providing vision and leadership that creates compelling visual content across various digital platforms. Anna is most in her element bridging business strategy and creative concepts.

She previously served as the Editorial Creative Director at where she effectively assembled and led a best-in-class editorial team, elevating and pioneering dynamic content through editorial campaigns that consistently achieved growth and profitability. Currently, Anna is freelancing, providing creative consulting services for brands and talent agencies. Anna is actively blending her skills as a curator, image-making visionary and talent manager to build a different career path that incorporates social responsibility and social action.

In 2017, she founded Rising4PR, a charitable grassroots movement with one mission: to help rebuild Puerto Rico after the disastrous effects of Hurricane Maria. Having deep roots in Puerto Rico, Anna felt inspired to help repair the spirits of the Puerto Rican youth after the catastrophic damage caused by the storm. With her ability to cultivate, curate, and connect with people, as well as her network of creatives, she commissioned designers, artists and other talents to produce a curated shopping fundraising event. The event raised over $10,000, which was used to purchase learning tools and toys for SER De Puerto Rico, a nonprofit org that serves kids and young adults with learning disabilities. She traveled to Puerto Rico to make the delivery and meet with the school staff and kids. She counts this as one of her most rewarding memories.

Anna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Arts. She is inspired by art, which she sees in people, places and things, but mostly in her two young nephews, Demi and Liam. They are her motivating factors for empowering youth!