Camryn Bruno

Camryn Bruno is a Spoken Word Poet ,Teaching Artist, Restorative Justice Leader and Activist in New York City. Camryn Bruno is the NYC Youth Poet Laureate of 2019, The First Citizens National Poetry Slam Champion (2017) and The Ms. Tobago Heritage Personality (2017).Camryn is also a company member with Girl Be Heard, on the Youth Leadership committee with Urban Word NYC and a CUNY Sophomore.

Honestly, I believe that being an artist is more than the work that I put on paper. Being an artist is more than its title of being an ‘artist’. We tend to use that term too loosely. At first, I considered myself an artist because I wanted a safe outlet to express myself in the most creative ways possible - Painting, singing, dancing and poetry. When I started performing spoken word poetry, I realized that they’re so many people who don’t only relate with my stories /narratives but mostly using my story to heal themselves (or even to find solace).It was at that moment when I realized that art form are really important (not only poetry slams and competitions).I am an artist because of the people to reassure me that I am after every performance. When my poem touches someone, It doesn’t only touch them, but me, the person that they’re going to improve to be in the future and the people that they would interact with from this point forward. That spider web of change and inspiration is all that I need to continue doing what I do, artist or not. Art is not only for the young ones. If that is the case,I am an activist/artist because we are the ones who really do the work in moulding the positive change that we want to see in the future.