Global Programs

A peace-building initiative and cross-cultural exchange that brings transformative performances and workshops to communities around the world.


Girl Be Heard Across Borders

Our Global Initiative


As we continue to expand beyond New York City, our mission is simple: to amplify and build a girl-led global feminist movement. GBH Across Borders continues to partner with international allies and activists to foster solidarity between communities of girls all over the world and spotlight global issues girls face.

Everywhere we go, Girl Be Heard seeks to promote cultural and educational exchange, build leadership skills, and create safe community spaces. Engaging local communities in other countries, Girl Be Heard catalyzes change around human rights and gender equality, centering girls as leaders in their communities and the world at large.

Building a Girl Movement


One out of three girls have or will experience physical or sexual violence in their life. At Girl Be Heard, we facilitate healing and empowerment to give girls a platform to speak about their experiences and have their voices heard.

What began in 2008 with 12 girls now reaches over 200 youth each year through year-long programs and thousands more through performances--including at the White House, the United Nations, and TED conferences.

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Places we have toured:

  • Bermuda

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Canada

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan

  • Trinidad

  • United Kingdom

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“We recognize and advocate for human rights and dignity.”

- Girl Be Heard Values


Girl Be Heard Trinidad & Tobago

Birthed in partnership with the U.S. State Department (through the Embassy in Port of Spain) and 2 Cents Movement, Girl Be Heard Trinidad and Tobago empowers teenage girls through theatre-making, spoken word, and song.

Pioneering a Pilot Program

At the invitation of Trinidadian-based partner Nicole Joseph Chin (of Ms. Brafit) and with strategic guidance from the U.S. Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago, GBH brought Girl Power performances and workshops to schools and community centers in Port of Spain March of 2016. Our young performers had the opportunity to perform for hundreds of school children. We thank Nicole for her vision and passion in making this program possible!


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