Iqra Shafiq 

Girl Be Heard Alumni
Iqra Shafiq has previously served as the Youth Representative of Girl Be Heard to the United Nations. She became a member in 2012. She has loved working with Girl Be Heard on different projects and helped it grow in numerous ways.

She recently came back from a three-week trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where she learned about the Dirty War. She attended a Protest with he Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo is an association of Argentine mothers whose children "disappeared" during the state terrorism of the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983. They organized while trying to learn what had happened to their children, and began to march in 1977 at the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires. She firmly believes this was a violation of the citizen’s human rights and is currently trying to spread awareness in the United States.

Iqra is currently a Political Science and Business Management major in her senior year at The City College of New York, and has worked as an intern for Congresswoman Velazquez in Washington, DC. She currently volunteers at the American Pakistan Foundation as their Youth Representative as well.

She believes that Youth Involvement in any level helps create realistic leaders for tomorrow. She plans to attend graduate school and create her own organization connected to the United Nations with the goal of mentoring young girls in an educational setting. Iqra is fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi and literate in Urdu.