Mariah Ayscue

Mariah Ayscue is a patchouli incense smoking, jasmine green tea drinking, Patti Smith loving artist from Montclair, NJ. Her mediums of choice are directing, playwriting, spoken-word poetry, and performing. She is attracted to non-linear, experimental, gorilla and devised theatre. Her work is for POC, LGBTQIA, female bodied, the Lower-Middle Class and the Poor. She hopes that her work is not only accessible, but that it reminds people that they are Loved recklessly regardless of their race, gender or class.

Mariah has trained at Action Theatre Conservatory in Clifton, NJ for 13 years under the instruction of Kathleen Kellaigh, Maren Sugarman and Javier Molina. She is also a proud Directing Fellow graduate and Company Member with Girl Be Heard. It took her a long time to find the crown she wears everyday. She hopes that people find their crowns someday and walk the streets unashamed.