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Weekend Workshop BrooklynGBH Brooklyn Vocal Performance Residency

The Brooklyn WorkshopWeekend Workshop Brooklyn Residency is a learning and creative space for all vocalists passionate about leadership development, performance, and social justice.

From Lil’ Kim to Aaliya, Brooklyn has nurtured and launched some of the best artists of color today! Guided by dynamic Teaching Artists, participants will receive training in songwriting, song composition, vocal technique, and the space to explore the true art of being your very own instrument of change.

Girl Be Heard Unplugged Performer

Eligibility and Benefits

To be eligible for Weekend Workshop Manhattan, you must be:

  • A young woman and gender-expansive youth aged 15-21.
  • Based in NYC.
  • Available on one weekend day from October 2022 – June 2023.

No experience is necessary, but the desire to USE your performance and activist’s voice is a MUST.

Benefits Include:

  • Free snacks, Metrocards, and swag
  • A supportive community of mentors and peers
  • Technical training with experienced Teaching Artists to build artistic portfolio
  • Free entry to live professional NYC performances and events
  • Up to 90 hours of verified community service

Interested in joining but have questions?Schedule a meet and greet

A meet and greet is our opportunity to learn more about your artistic and social justice interests. We will also answer any questions about being an Artivist in the Brooklyn Weekend Workshop vocal performance residency.

Schedule a meet and greet

Please email if you have yet to hear from a staff member in 48 hours.