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May 2, 2023 Intersectional Environmental Justice

Studio Simpatico

Young people see environmental issues in our community and on the news and want to take action to protect our future. Often it can be difficult to know where to start or how to enact lasting change as a youth. But youth around the globe are working to change the world one step at a time – and so can you.

This series of advocacy packets on, created by students for students, provides introductory knowledge on these ideas and concepts and walks you through steps on how to begin implementing change in your classroom, home or community. By using our voices and organizing support for these sustainable initiatives, we will change the world.

This specific packet focuses on incorporating intersectional environmentalism in your school or community projects. While this packet serves as a starting point to learn about intersectionality, there is much more to the field as a theory and practice. Use this packet as an entry point into these important issues and find more tools to create intersectional and equitable changes and keep learning!