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May 9, 2023 Art and Culture Inspire Action

Nell Johnson

Marketing and Programs Engagement Manager

At Girl Be Heard we have seen how artivism – art + activism – transforms the lives of our participants and Company Members. We have also witnessed how, through our performances, audiences, both intimate and broad, have gained a new perspective on life in general, and particularly on the inner lives of girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth.

This article by Nour El Bejjani Noureddine succinctly captures our long-held belief in the power of art and culture to inspire action.

“Because artists and their artwork can help shape people’s perceptions of the past and imagine a better future, they have played an important role in social movements seeking the truth about past atrocities and demanding change. Rarely can technical and institutional methods alone fully express people’s sufferings and resistance to oppression. They don’t meet people where they are, nor do they appeal to what they need at an emotional level. Art and cultural expression, however, can do that. Music, poetry, photography, visual and performing arts, and other cultural expression can serve to defend human rights and build peace. At the same time, they promote free speech, help us question our beliefs and assumptions about reality, and expose and denounce the effects of armed conflict and oppression.”

Read the whole piece on International Center for Transitional Justice